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Greg Rozas

Greg Rozas was born and raised in the small Cajun community of Mamou, Louisiana. The second son of a family of seven, Greg’s father was an attorney and Greg learned early on in life the values of honest client representation from his father’s example.

In 6th grade, Greg read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mocking Bird. This Pulitzer Prize winning story of Atticus Finch, the small town lawyer who raged a battle against racial prejudices stuck with Greg for years to come. He knew then and there that representing the “little guy” against big insurance companies and shoddy medical corporations was his calling and would be the only kind of law he would ever practice.
Greg graduated Mamou High School in 1987 and went directly to Louisiana State University. He graduated LSU with a Marketing Degree in 1993 and worked in the Baton Rouge area until he entered law school at Southern University in 1994.

Greg decided to hang the proverbial “shingle” and opened up his own solo practice. He spent the better part of his early days as a young lawyer just sitting in court watching the older more experienced trial lawyers of Baton Rouge until he felt comfortable enough with courtroom procedure to start trying his own cases.

Greg has always represented regular everyday people against the unchecked large insurance companies with endless funds for litigation and tort-reform agendas. Greg also represents injured clients by medical corporations who take unnecessary shortcuts and “cost-savings” that end up wrongfully injuring patients in need of critical healthcare.

Greg Rozas is a devoted husband to Sharon Rozas and the proud father of four children who were raised and graduates of Baton Rouge High School.
The Rozas family also has two beautiful dogs, Gengi the 100 pound St. Benard and Ace, a German Short Haired Pointer and family cat, Patti.






Louisiana State University, Class of 1993

Graduated Southern Law School, Magna Cum Laude at #10 in his class.

Graduate of Keenan Trial Institute

“I think Greg is one of the best lawyers in Louisiana. He is knowledgeable, competent and truly cares about his clients. Highly recommended!" 

Jennifer Atwood

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