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If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog or suffered a serious dog bite, we may be able to help. Approximately 1-in-5 dog bites result in infection causing not only medical expenses, but also lost wages, suffering and even the need for counseling.

Attacked by a dog? Our dog bite attorneys are here for you.

Many of the over 77 million pet dogs in the United States are loving and harmless pets. But some dog owners have aggressive, dangerous animals. Dog attacks are often severe and traumatizing. Victims can include adults, the elderly, children and other animals.

Depending on the severity of a bite, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery may be necessary, especially if the animal attacked the sensitive areas of the face and neck. The emotional trauma can often last a lifetime, making long-term counseling a necessity.

Unprovoked Canine Attack?

Louisiana law is clear - an owner is held liable for an attack unless it was provoked.

In many cases of dog bites, the victim is familiar with the dog that bites them. It takes experience to determine whether an attack is caused by negligence of the owner or was provoked.

Owners are obligated to maintain control of their animal. It is their responsibility to secure their dog, especially if they are aware of a history of aggression or a predisposition to violence.

At Rozas Injury Law, we have experience dealing with the short term medical needs as well as the emotionally difficult long term trauma that can be caused by dog attacks.

Baton Rouge Dog Bite Frequently Asked Questions

I was attacked by someone’s dog and have mounting medical bills and a terrible scar, is the owner of the dog responsible for his/her dog’s attack?


The dog owner could be held accountable for your injuries under certain circumstances.

You will have to prove that the dog owner knew or should have known that the dog was dangerous to people. This could be from prior behavior of the dog like growling or chasing people even if the dog had not bitten anyone before.

You will also have to show that the dog attack could have been prevented if the owner of the dog had taken reasonable care to prevent it, like fencing, kennels, or leashes.

You will also have to show that the dog was not provoked by the victim.

My child was injured as a result of someone’s dog attacking my child, can I file a claim for my


Either parent of a minor child has the right to file a claim on behalf of the injured minor. There are various legal issues that can be somewhat confusing to non-lawyers in dealing with how a minor’s claim is handled. Rozas Injury Law is dedicated to helping you figure out how to go about this difficult process.

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